Orthoback Support


Orthoback Support converts almost ANY chair into an ERGONOMIC back support chair for your home or office. Why spend hundreds or a few thousand dollars for one ergonomic chair when you can have several for a fraction of the price. Prevent back pain from long hours of sitting with Orthoback – it works in car seats too.



Orthoback Support is a gadget that helps you keep your back straight. Long hours of poor sitting posture causes strain and compression of our ligaments and discs of our spine resulting in tightness and pain. Sitting straight about 100 degrees angle mean the natural lordotic curved is maintained and allows the least amount of disc pressure in your spine. The more the pressure in the spinal disc, the higher the chance of slipped discs problem.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 44 × 15 × 44 cm

Black, Beige, Orange, Grey


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