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CPOYA Full Length


The full-length CPOYA custom orthotic is designed with the teen athlete in mind for excellent balance, support, and comfort.

  • Revolutionary MPAX™ is research-proven to absorb up to 90% of shock, shielding the joints and muscles from stress
  • Also features MPAX Pro™ in the toe for added propulsion.
  • StanceGuard™ provides full weightbearing support throughout the gait cycle
  • 3 Arch Advantage™ helps prevent injury and improve biomechanics


  • High-performance orthotic for athletes 
  • Helps prevent injury and improve movement of a living body (biomechanics)

ParFlex Plus+


For golfers, Foot Levelers ParFlex® Plus® is clinically proven to help increase club head velocity and driving distance. Along with our 3 Arch Advantage™ support, ParFlex Plus uses magnets to help increase energy and stamina. ParFlex Plus is a great way to knock strokes off your score.

  • Clinically proven to help increase club head velocity 3-5 mph
  • Clinically proven to help improve stroke distance, typically between 9 and 15 yards
  • Positively impacts balance and proprioception, which can help improve ball control
  • Built-in magnets help boost energy and stamina on the green, reduce fatigue


  • Designed specifically for avid golfers
  • Clinically proven to increase drive distance and 18-hole durability
  • Helps reduce fatigue

Water Proof Aquaguard


The Foot Levelers Aquaguard™ waterproof orthotic has a new top cover that’s softer and lighter than before. It will be as durable, shrugging off moisture and extreme conditions like no other.


  • Waterproof top and bottom covers are impervious to all types of moisture, perfect for repeated exposure to liquids
  • Perfect for work and play in wet and humid environments
  • 3 Arch Advantage™ support protects the feet and enhances the movement of the body (biomechanics) and performance
  • Great for high humidity work environments or around water 
  • Is water resistant; our most durable top cover
  • Designed to withstand the harshest environments

XP3 Series



  • Our lightest and thinnest orthotic, great for tight-fitting shoes
  • Allows for maximum performance with reduced weight
  • Top cover is very durable. Helps keep feet cool and reduce odor