Professional Sitting Posture Analysis



Once you have made the order, email us back with a picture of you sitting at the desktop, shown in the photo. Either use a camera stand or have someone take the image for you.

Your picture should show the only RIGHT SIDE of body including the head, right foot, hands and monitor, chair, and keyboard. Don’t worry, if your picture is not clear enough, we will email you to let you know to re-send.

What You Get:

A 3-page PDF Professional sitting posture analysis, audio file in mp3 or m4a you can hear on mobile or computer. Typically, you will get your report within 48hrs upon receipt of the picture and order.




Do you suffer from neck and back pain from sitting at a computer? The Professional Sitting Post is here to help.

Professional Sitting Posture Analysis is a simple solution to correct your posture when sitting at your desk. This posture guide will improve your productivity and eliminate any back pain.

Don’t let poor posture when sitting at your computer cause you to suffer neck and back pain. But how would you know if your posture is correct unless someone who is qualified in proper sitting posture analysis shows it to you? And that is why we have Professional Sitting Posture Analysis!

Often I wish I could go to my patient’s homes or offices to help physically access their sitting posture at their computer desktop.

Well, now you can form the comfort of your home. Yes, you heard that right, you do not even need to come to our office or book an appointment. All we need is a picture you email us.

As a bonus, we also include an audio file with the report by Dr. Timothy Lim so it’s as close to a face-to-face consultation.