Nubax Trio


Nubax Trio is a home traction device designed to easily and safely relieve lower back pain by holding your spine in a neutral position and keeping the shoulders and hips in correct alignment through the use of a gentle traction force.

We are the only Authorized Nubax distributor in Singapore. All our customers get 6 months parts warranty through Nubax Australia.


The Nubax Trio is a scientifically proven at-home spinal decompression machine for the treatment of back pain in the short and long-term. Nubax Trio is most affordable way to quickly relieve (sometimes instantly eliminate) back pain without harmful drugs, dangerous surgery.
It can be adjunct rehabilitation for the treatment of Scoliosis, Sciatica,  Ruptured discs, Degeneration of vertebra, Pinched nerves, Bulging discs (herniated discs) and Prolapsed discs.

Additional information

Weight 10.2 kg
Dimensions 61 × 59 × 22.6 cm


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