Custom Neck Pillow

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Exclusively Yours Customized Neck Pillow may be the last pillow you will EVER BUY. Why pay $300-$400 for an off the shelf branded pillow which may not even work when you can have tailor-made pillow for less? Exclusively Yours pillow is made based on 4 specific measurements of your neck and shoulder, so you can now sleep comfortably in all 3 directions: facing up, on your right or left side.

Did you know you spend nearly one third of your lives sleeping and that your sleeping posture alignment is very important for health?

Exclusively Yours provides therapeutic traction and support for the cervical spine, as it is design to promote optimal neck joint stability. It also comes with a 2-Year Freedom Guarantee so you get the highest quality made pillow available, worry-free for at least 2 years. Your name is also embroidered onto the luxurious washable pillow cover. Sleep better with your personalized  Custom Made in the USA pillow now.


The world’s first custom neck pillow support for the cervical spine. Foot Levelers’ Exclusively Yours Pillow helps in correcting sleep posture and for providing both comfort and support while sleeping.

The patent-pending Sleep Cycle System (SCS) used in the Exclusively Yours can now be modified to give greater support to individuals who spend more time sleeping on their backs and to those who predominately rest on their sides during sleep. It also accounts for those who sleep in equal proportions of back-lying and side-lying support for those who tend to change sleeping posture frequently during the night.

This enhancement helps to more specifically correct sleeping posture and gives the the option of tailoring the Exclusively Yours pillow to your needs. The custom pillow based on your needs now accommodates those who spend: 1) 75% of sleep time in the back-lying position, 2)  75% of sleep time in the side-lying position, and 3) 50% of sleep time in back-lying position and 50% in side-lying position.

Cervical support pillows are designed to maintain a healthy curve in the cervical spine during sleep and to prolong the period between chiropractic adjustments by providing proper support in reclining position. They are also recommended for specific conditions including: whiplash, tension headaches, neck and shoulder pain, muscle tension and pinched nerves among others.

When indicated by your sleeping patterns, structural changes are made to proportionately increase the areas of the Exclusively Yours pillow dedicated to supporting back-lying or side-lying positions.

How to Order

After ordering, call our office for an appointment to take measurements for your neck. Measurement take about 10 minutes. Your order will be made in the United States and shipped back to Singapore in about 2-3 weeks. Upon arrival of your pillow we will call you to pick up your order.


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