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Custom Neck Pillow

Custom Neck Pillow

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Exclusively Yours Customized Neck Pillow may be the last pillow you will EVER BUY. Why pay $300-$400 for an off the shelf pillow which may not even work when you can have tailor-made pillow.

Exclusively Yours pillow is made based on 4 specific measurements of your neck and shoulder, so you can now sleep comfortably in all 3 directions: facing up, on your right or left side.

Imagine a pillow that supports your neck when you lie on your back. When you turn to either side, the pillow is higher to support your shoulders.


The world’s first custom neck pillow support for better sleep and preventing neck pain.

Why Do I Need a Custom Neck Pillow?

  • First, necks are NOT created equal. Of-the-shelf pillows are made to fit the masses, but what if your neck is shorter or longer than most? You need a pillow that’s made just for you.
  • Second, Custom Neck Pillow are customized to your sleeping posture. We make to measure your pillows based on whether you are a back-sleeper, side-sleeper, or both.
  • Third, the pillow’s quality should be guaranteed. Like all good American-made products, your Custom Neck Pillow is guaranteed for 2 years. If it loses its support within the warranty period, you may bring it for an evaluation to get a replacement pillow.
  • Fourth, as a chiropractor, I believe a pillow should help maintain a healthy neck curve and help those with whiplash, tension headaches, neck and shoulder pain, muscle tension, and pinched nerves among others.

How to Order

After ordering, call our office to take measurements of your neck. The doctor will take about 10 minutes to take neck and shoulder measurements. Your order is custom-made in the United States and shipped back to Singapore in about 2-3 weeks. Upon arrival, we will call you to pick up your order. The price includes shipping from the USA to our office. 


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