Cervical Neck Traction Device

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Pettibon Cervical Traction Unit is a patented clinical-grade neck traction device  for home use to help restore lost of disc height and eliminate neck pain.

  • Designed for Chronic Cervical pain and Cervical Spondylosis symptoms
  • Lightweight and easy to use anywhere and is painless
  • Natural Relief of Stiff, Sore Neck pain by gentle vertical neck stretch
  • Re-hydrate cervical discs with stretching
  • Restore necessary motion back into the cervical spine
  • Designed to restore lordosis or natural curve (arc) of the neck
  • Height adjustable & includes door stop for over the door use
  • Includes Instructions insert and online videos

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Cervical spondylosis is a common diagnosis from xray for chronic neck pain. According to the Pettibon Institute, “Regular use of this device has proven to improve cervical curves. Cervical traction helps restore cervical mobility, as well as increasing the function of C1-C4 to stimulate endorphin production which helps block painful stimuli. It also helps relieve tension on the spinal cord as well as warming up the discs prior to adjustment.”

You know the drill about cervical neck spondylosis– it’s a mechanical disorder involving spurring of the cartilage and chronic neck pain. The Pettibon Institute says that “regular use of this device has proven to improve cervical curves,” so it’s worth checking out.

Cervical Neck Traction Device (CNTD) is the only clinically-proven and FDA-approved cervical traction machine on the market! Our patented design provides effective, painless traction for the neck.

Do you have chronic neck pain? Tired of popping pain pills, seeing specialists, or even undergoing surgery? Cervical Neck Traction device is your solution. It is a simple, low-cost solution to help you fix neck pain at home. Our patent-pending device offers the benefits of traction therapy, while being easy to assemble and use. Stop living with neck pain, and get back to living your life today!

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