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If you love playing golf you will love it more with ParFlex Plus Stabilizing Orthotics. ParFlex Plus by Foot Levelers provide you with a proven advantage on the golf course. Your playing partners will notice your improvement and will want to know what you are doing to up your game.

Research results published in the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics 1997-2001 reports how Stabilizing Orthotics by Foot Levelers improved the performance of golfers. Of all the golf pros who tested Par Flex Plus Stabilizers, 100% said they would recommend them to their fellow golfers. These are not just for the pros. They were designed for men and women golfers of all levels and ages. It is proven to help increase club-head speed and drive distance, also reduces fatigue. (JMPT, 1997-2001)

Why Buy Custom Orthotics From Us?

Besides getting a high quality, hand-made in USA insole, we are the only one who offer you a satisfaction guarantee. We are so confident you will love our customized insoles/orthotics that we offer a 30-day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. You only pay for return shipping and handling cost.



With Custom Golf Insoles , you can now get the support you need to reduce the stress to your body and joints. This stress may be the cause of your pain and discomfort you experience after a day on the course. Abnormal foot support, alignment and function can cause pain everyday, not just from playing golf. Parflex Plus is not just another insole you get from your podiatrist or insole maker. Don’t take my word for it, here’s a summary of the research done:

After using the Custom Golf Insoles supports for six weeks on a daily basis the researchers found that:

“Balance and proprioception before and after nine holes improved with orthotic use. More specifically, proprioceptive inequalities between left and right sides were not apparent after wearing the orthotics on a daily basis during the six-week period.”

In a survey of professional and amateur golfers who “course” tested ParFlex Plus orthotics (arch supports) for 5 weeks:

  • 100% felt good support from them while they were in their shoes.
  • 79% said their feet felt “less tired.”
  • 71% felt improved balance
  • 38% reported shooting a lower golf score

Parflex Plus Can Help improve your game by:

  • Increasing club head velocity by 5-8 kilometers per hour.
  • Helping wearer hit golf balls 8-13 yards farther.
  • Improves body alignment.
  • Reduces fatigue.



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