XP3 Orthotics for Athletes



  • Our lightest and thinnest orthotic, great for tight-fitting shoes
  • Allows for maximum performance with reduced weight
  • Top cover is very durable. Helps keep feet cool and reduce odor
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Both XP3 orthotics and XP3+ orthotics are design for athletes looking for that extra edge.

XP3 +: Offers intense support that’s perfect for athletes. Designed with simplicity yet extreme performance in mind, this orthotic is lightweight and maintains a thin profile to provide a great fit in athletic shoes. MPAX Technology in the heel absorbs up to 90% of shock, and MPAXPRO in the forefoot improves propulsion at toe-off. The perforated top cover helps keep feet cool while reducing odor and moisture.

XP3: The XP3 custom orthotic is designed with a thin profile and soft polyethylene (red perforated) top cover to provide ideal fit and durability in tight-fitting athletic footwear like cleats, skates, Cross Training shoes, and low profile running shoes. Because of its minimal components, the XP3 is also lightweight, allowing for maximized performance. MPAX Technology in the heel absorbs up to 90% of shock to prevent injury and strain. In short, the XP3 allows for maximum performance with reduced weight.

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