Ultra Young Soles (Moisture-Resistant)


Big support for little feet. Protect them from the ground up during those critical years of 5 through 12. Foot Levelers’ Ultra Young Soles (Moisture-Resistant) come with our Posture Protect Program, which offers savings on new orthotics as a child’s shoe size increases.

  • Helps establish healthy posture and optimal biomechanics (movement of the body) as kids rapidly grow
  • Offers biomechanical support for the young body to help alleviate growing pains
  • Helps keep kids stable and supported to lessen the risk of injury at play or in sports
  • Designed for kids ages 5-12
  • Helps establish healthy posture as kids grow
  • Decreases injury risk by keeping kids supported
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Ultra Young Soles (Moisture-Resistant): Designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12, the Ultra Young Soles provide a solid and balanced foundation as children grow and develop. It is made with a moisture-resistant top designed to wick away moisture, ideal for active children.

The Ultra Young Soles are fresh, stylish, and perfect for any growing child! Our soles are designed to provide a solid foundation for your steps as you explore the world. Our moisture-resistant tops wick away moisture to keep feet happy and healthy. Fashionable and functional, these soles will keep your child’s step light and steady.

The Ultra Young Soles are a revolutionary new footwear and orthotic technology created for kids. It is designed to provide total foot support and stability to children as they grow, reducing the risk of injury and improving their posture.