Ozone Machine Generator

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The Chanson Miracle Sanitizer is an Ozone Machine Generator that reduces and eliminates odors, kills bacteria/viruses from your home, reduces BPA and pesticides in vegetables and foods, and is covered with a LOCAL ONE-Year warranty. It dispenses activated oxygen (ozone) from a stone into the air or into water or other liquids via a non-leaching silicone tube and has hundreds of other uses. Save money as you can replace dozens of chemical toxic cleaners and air fresheners with an “after the rain” kind of freshness or smell right in your home.

Used by hotels to get rid of cigarettes, mildew, and other offensive odors. Freshen your home, shoes, sports equipment, refrigerator, laundry room, litter box, or office. It’s also a powerful way to cleanse your fruits and vegetables from E. coli and other possible contaminants and is simple to use.


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Why I Use Ozone Machine Generator to Clean and Deodorize?

  • Powerful enough to kill bacteria and viruses without harmful chemical residues (only byproduct is oxygen)
  • Ozone Machine Generator is environmental-friendly as it does not leave behind harmful residuals like chlorine – it turns back to oxygen after reaction or oxidation.
  • Effective to neutralize and freshen most HDB sized rooms in 10-15 mins

What is so Unique about this Ozone Machine Generator:

  • Safe Yet Powerful: Design to Run Commercially all day long (23hrs/day)  every day and NEVER will produce dangerous levels of activated oxygen (ozone output 200mg per hour)
  • Portability: small in size and lightweight (only 400 grams)
  • Durability: Backed by our 1-year Guarantee,  unlike most ozone or poor quality air ionizers that last only months
  • Use in Any Country: 120-240V 50/60HZ
  • Use in Your Car: Can use your car’s 24 Volt car adapter (not included)
  • Zero Maintenance: (My favorite part) Uses high grade quartz crystal to produce ozone and is built to last for at between 2-3 years deepening on usage.


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