Fiji Custom Waterproof Orthotic Flip-Flop Slippers

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· Aquatrek outsole prevents slipping
· Super soft insole adds a walking-on-water feel
· EVA mid-layer absorbs heel shock
· Nylon strap prevents feet from rubbing against slippers (chaffing)

Our flip-flops will surprise you with 3-arch support designed to support the body from the ground up, perfected over the past 64 years of research and development.

Enjoy foot and spinal support you never want to go without. Choose from Black Pearl, Black Chevron, Jungle Green and Palm Green.


Don’t worry about getting these flip-flops wet, because these are the first ever Fiji Custom Waterproof Orthotic Flip-Flop Slippers. With the same advanced design to provide support for all 3 arches and the Kinetic Chain, Fiji stands strong in the wettest of environments. The AquaTrek top cover, EVA mid layer, and non-slip bottom dry quickly and withstand demanding play.

If you’ve been looking for a high-quality orthotic that stands up to all your needs, stop! The Fiji Custom Waterproof Orthotic Flip-Flop Slippers are the only ones you’ll ever need. It has 3 arch supports and the Kinetic Chain so it can stand up to moisture and demanding playtime. Plus, it has a waterproof top, an EVA mid-layer, and non-slip bottoms so it can dry quickly and be ready for anything.

Your feet deserve the best. Built with the highest quality materials, the durable and waterproof Fiji Custom Waterproof Orthotic Flip-Flop Slippers provide optimum performance for a perfect balance of support and comfort. With its advanced design to support all 3 arches and the Kinetic Chain, it’s ideal for athletes and anyone who demands quality and performance in their footwear.

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Black Chevron, Palm Green, Jungle Green, Black Pearl


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