Active Posture Brace


The Active Posture Brace is a lightweight and comfortable tube-like brace which gently treats and corrects forward head posture posture. Our Unique Yet Simple Active Posture Brace is designed for comfort and support, the high-quality adjustable straps allow the wearer to regulate the tension and control the corrective force to their specific needs.

Key Features:

  • correct or prevent Forward Head Posture & rounded shoulders, or the “hunchback” syndrome
  • easy to wear, the soft tube straps are very comfortable on the shoulders and neck
  • does not absorb  moisture and keep you cool even in warm climate



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MOST posture braces work by trying to “fix” or “strap” you into a better posture. But what happens after you remove the brace?  Will you go back to your bad posture when you stop wearing them? Without any form of adequate treatment it only gets worse with time.  What you want is a brace that encourages a good posture of the neck and shoulders, at the same time while wearing it encourages your postural muscles to actively pull your shoulders back. That’s what Active Posture Brace does. The pivot point is at the mid neck region and will feel the need to retract your neck backwards to maintain a good posture.  Unlike most posture brace, your posture will thank you for it.

We recommend wearing the Active Posture Brace for just 30 min to an hour a day helps retrain the shoulder muscles to support the head more effectively; allowing you to stand taller and straighter and experience less back pain. With time & focus on getting a better posture, experience the poise and confidence that comes with maintaining good posture.

Active Posture Brace Features:

  • Wear it for as little as 30 minutes a day
  • Clip on straps can be adjusted for corrective force
  • Encourages the neck and  shoulders into a neutral position
  • Retrains muscles to support the back and help relieve pain
  • Neoprene-like material keeps the body cool
  • Improves posture instantly
  • Lightweight and comfortable can be worn over any clothes

Active Posture Brace Specifications:

  • Sizing: Free size with adjustable strap including children about age 12 and above
  • The straps have a snap clip and you can pull it to tighten or release to your own comfort level.
  • Colors: Black only
  • Care: Hand wash or wipe only



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